Saturday 27 June 2015

Juneathon day 27/30 - Harrow parkrun

A relatively relaxed start as parkrun tourism goes, up at 7am and out of the house at around half past. I was looking for something easy and near as we have a packed day today. Harrow parkrun started a few weeks ago, today was the 4th event - a perfect time for a tourist visit.

The residents of Harrow were unexpectedly philosophical

Harrow Recreation Ground was just a short walk form Harrow-on-the-Hill underground station. I made good time and arrived with 15 minutes to spare. The park was beautiful in the sun, it really was a glorious morning for a run.

Beautiful morning on Harrow Recreation Ground, and wonderfully warming sunshine

I took a lap of the park at a gentle jog, and then milled about with the other 100 or so runners to await the briefing and start.

Milling around prior to run briefing

My plan was to run at an easy pace with a little burst of speed for 100m or so each km to turn my legs over ahead of tomorrow's half marathon. The course was all on concrete paths, a little narrow in places but the field was well spread out. A slight drag up a rise each lap caught a few people out.

3 laps, the first adding in a short inner ring

Plan was executed perfectly, though I'm not sure my fellow park runners always appreciated me taking off like a scared bunny every few minutes. I got lap by the first finisher as I was completing my second lap - he recorded a time of 16:22, he flew past me!

A couple of slight inclines on each lap (looks like a mountain but that's because of the scale)

All in all, a very enjoyable run in the park. As always, thank you parkrun, and thank you volunteers.

My Juneathon totals: 27 runs for 220.02km in 23:27:42

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