Saturday 13 June 2015

Juneathon day 13/30 - Havant parkrun

Today we decided to drive down to Staunton Country Park in Havant to a) run Havant parkrun, and then drive a couple of miles to Queen Elizabeth Country Park (site of Queen Elizabeth parkrun) in order to b) shout some support to Louise. She was (and in fact still is) running the Centurion South Downs Way 100 mile race. Good to catch up with parkrun friends Kat and Jools too who were (are) crewing her.


Havant parkrun course - I measured it at 5.08km (we started a bit back from the start line)

Havant parkrun was lovely, Staunton Country Park is a really nice park with some interesting tracks and trails. It's an odd combination of laps, starting with one small loop, then two larger loops - both of which include the smaller loop again. I ran with Mrs who was going for 3x10 minute blocks at increasing pace. We completed the run in 31:30.

Just about every "way" seems to go through here

I particularly liked all the signs they'd put out

I forgot my usual Garmin watch, so had to run round with my phone recording the run with Garmin's "Fit" app. Downside was carrying my phone, but unexpected upside was some parkrun photos.

Run briefing

Thanks, I shall be sure to drop in again when I can :)

A short drive up the A3 to Queen Elizabeth Country Park. I ran the parkrun here back on December 27th 2014. It's a brutal course, it starts on a steep hill and has an amazing muddy descent, the second lap goes up the same hill but more of it! I bumped into the event director who ran with me for about 2/3 of the route meaning I had to chat as well as bust my lungs on the hills!

Queen Elizabeth parkrun course, looks innocuous enough...

...until you see the elevation!

I mis-timed my arrival at Queen Elizabeth Country Park and was still eating my breakfast when I saw Louise run past the window! Sorry I didn't see you in person, Louise, I did say out loud a little "yay, go abradypus!".


Centurion Running put on a number of races each year, some "standard" ones like the 50 mile and 100 mile series, and some really bonkers ones like the Piece of String - where none of the entrants have any idea how long the race will be!

*unimpressed face*

I hadn't realised Garmin now do "segments", a bit like Strava. I was delighted (no, really...) to see that if I filtered today's parkrun to my age and weight, I am dead last on the table. I think it might be time for a flat-out fast parkrun soon... I'm going to a new one next week, I wonder if it'll be fast?

My Juneathon totals: 13 runs for 83.90km in 8:47:33

Juneathon has been inching along at 5km per day this week. I was hoping to go a bit further but it's about consistency not distance. Today was day 13 of Juneathon, and the 15th day of my run-streak - certainly by far the most number of consecutive run days for me. 17 more June days to go, and then the Croydon Ultra early in July.

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  1. I've never felt so loved as when I ran through QE - it felt like I knew everybody there :-)