Saturday 6 December 2014

No Dorset CTS today - but for a good reason

I'm very pleased I ran CTS Gower recently, because Dorset is off - Mrs had an ATFL repair and retinaculum reinforcement procedure done yesterday, so it's no load bearing whatsoever on the foot for a good few weeks. I'm on tea and chores duty (to be honest, it's about time :)

Before: Just in case the surgeon forgets which leg and what they're supposed to do with/to it

After: All done, bar the rest and the long road to running again

Still managed to nip out for a parkrun this morning - Brentwood inaugural was a crispy crunchy grass and trail route with some nice splashy puddles. Billed as "undulating" I'd say it was quite hard, though clearly not as hard as CTS Dorset half marathon would have been.

There are plenty more races in the Endurance Life series, so maybe I'll try one or two more after Christmas.

Races go right into May - I'm sure a few will fit in with the marathon training plan

Sign-ups opened this week for Marathon Talk's winter motivator "Jantastic" - now including swimming and cycling in addition to running, and featuring Strava integration. I've already populated Training Peaks with the 18 week marathon training plan from the famous Pfitzinger and Douglas book (last year I tried the 12 week plan, it got me to the end... just...) - so my path to Rotterdam marathon that starts on Tuesday 9th December. That contributes 5 runs per week, and I'm going to try to fit in a swim and at least one cycle commute to work per week too. Together with two trips to The Athletic Edge per week that should be enough to keep me busy and out of trouble for a few months.

My Jantastic targets