Friday 5 June 2015

Juneathon day 05/30 - Harrogate Valley Gardens

I wanted to find a different bit of Harrogate to run in before we hopped in the car to drive up to Newcastle. I noted some other green area, and decided to head for it. It turned out to be Harrogate Valley Gardens, and it was beautiful.

Harrogate Valley Gardens

The morning sun was out, the temperature had come up nicely despite it being only 8am. There were a few other park users around, but not many.

I ran through the park, up a kind of golf course area, through some woods, and back down a path to the North of the park - where I went round a second time.

Added a squiggly bit to get to 5km

I'm starting to feel the effects of running every day. Although this is only day five of Juneathon, it's my seventh consecutive run day. I'm not sure I've ever run seven days in a row before. It's taking longer to warm up, and more bits are complaining - it was only the last one or two kilometres this morning during which I really relaxed and was warmed up.

Taking longer to warm up, hence the gradual increase in pace throughout the run

So, another 5.33km done. Twenty-five more days to go!

My Juneathon totals: 5 runs for 32.85km in 3:37:40

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