Thursday 11 June 2015

Juneathon day 11/30 - An exercise in consistent pacing

I'm getting bored of this route, I can't even be bothered to paste the map in any more... It's hard to be imaginative when you get in late and need to do other things, so I plodded out for the usual 5km. Knee was fine, but I didn't feel particularly energetic. I focussed on keeping my form good and pacing evenly from start to finish. 5km in 28:51.

1km laps - even pacing, nailed it.

Tomorrow I'm away all day for work and probably eating out straight afterwards. Looks like I need to go for a jog in the morning.

My Juneathon totals: 11 runs for 73.82km in 7:45:24

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