Sunday 2 December 2012

Recipe: Pork sausages with Courgette & Cauliflower purée

The purée is lovely, you don't have to have it with sausages, add whatever you like. It may work with a strong fish - it'll need to be able to stand up for itself though. You could add the vegetable stock back in and blend it into a soup. Next time I may add some garlic, or possibly a little chilli. This is definitely a recipe you can (and should) play with.

Per portion, recipe makes two

Ingredients (makes 2 portions)

For my delightfully simple but rewardingly scrumptious sausage with puréed vegetables you'll need roughly the following:

  • Two medium courgettes
  • A chunk of cauliflower
  • Six mushrooms
  • One vegetable stock cube
  • 20g salted butter 
  • Six sausages
  • Salt & pepper to taste


Get the sausages on first, they'll take longest. 35 minutes or so at 175C.

Now the sausages are in, add 250ml of water into a saucepan you have a lid for. Crumble the stock cube into it, drop all the vegetables in, and turn it on. The vegetables half boil and half steam. They'll take 10-15 minutes depending on how coarsely you've cut them. Nudge them about from time to time with a spoon.

When cooked, pour off the stock. Keep it in a bowl in case you need to add it to the purée to thin it out. Add the butter and season lightly. Use a blender with an attachment that isn't going to explode purée all over your kitchen.

Spoon the mixture onto the middle of a plate and place the sausages artistically onto the top. Job done!

The purée was runny enough without needing to add any of the vegetable stock I'd poured off... So we just drank it out of the bowl :)

The plate test

It looks like a success - Mrs virtually licked the plate clean!

Nutrition breakdown

For one portion, recipe makes two

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