Thursday 6 December 2012

It just got (even more) real

I'm in! I hope you'll be tracking race number 22,280 on the big day!

Confirmation email

So Comrades Marathon entry confirmed, place on the Unogwaja Challenge team confirmed, ITBS feeling like it's on the mend (I'm sticking rigidly to the plan).

Suppose I'd better look into booking some flights!


  1. What you really need is a SPOT2 for the whole thing

    1. That's not going to work - check the coverage map on this page:

      But you're definitely right, I'll look into some kind of live tracking for sure. Planning, and the quest for sponsorship, starts in earnest in January.

    2. That's a shame :( I assume GSM coverage will be patchy although I found it reasonable in Kenya a few years ago.