Wednesday 27 May 2020

Remember me?

I'm still here! Despite no updates I've still been running fairly regularly. Last year's attempt to run the full set of Centurion Running 50 mile events fell down at the first hurdle - South Downs Way 50 after a transatlantic flight was not clever, dropped at 27 miles. I have parkrun'd every weekend I could, of course, up until parkrun was cancelled of course.

I've found a new and very conveniently located (literally at the end of my road) gym to go to - DNPT. One quick chat with proprietor, Dan Newman, and I've since been working with a PT, Jack, since August 2018 - twice per week until COVID-19 got everyone staying inside for weeks, so I switched it up to three times per week in the back garden over Zoom, and now in the park - all at 2m+ distance with equipment wiped down between uses, of course.

Too much self-medication beer and pies have seen my weight drift up gradually - now back up over 95kg. I'm not caring too much, I'm still fit, just a bit 'cuddly' :) It's my birthday next Monday so I've decided not to care about it until then. It's clear working from home and not traveling is here to stay, for me until at least October, so need to now drift into slightly better habits.

For some extra motivation this week I've entered the Centurion Running One Community run, a virtual event which takes place over 7 days, starting at 0001 GMT on Monday 25th May and ending at midnight GMT on Sunday 31st May 2020. The event is for everybody, anywhere in the world, of any age, and at any of the target distances from 5km to 100 miles run in one go or over the course of the week. I've only run once so far (day 2 of the five) and it's day 3 today - so I'd better get out there now!