Friday 16 August 2013

London run-derground

As mentioned in my Ride London event report, I have toyed for a long time with the idea of cycling the underground. A much easier to arrange little project is to run all the lines. I quite fancy doing this as part of training myself back to fitness. It gives the long runs a bit more interest and means I get to explore some more of London. I could even take in a parkrun or two along the way.

The lines vary in length and most represent a good run. The Waterloo & City line is a starter for 10 at only a couple of km, and the longest lines are ultra-marathons in their own right. The Northern and longer I'd split up and do in a few sections.

Lengths of the London Underground lines (from wikipedia)

The lengths are probably listing track length so the run-distance would be a bit longer in most cases.

Should be a fun winter running around London, and it'll make some good reconnaissance for if I ever do decide to have a go at the underground cycling challenge.

P.S.: I found this awesome PDF that details the official colours for the lines and Underground signage, etc. Very interesting!


  1. I'm not going to run it, because I'm not clinically insane but I quite like the idea of cycling some of these.

  2. If you haven't found it already, will have some useful info.