Friday 1 June 2012

It's my birthday!

37 years ago today I burst into the world (thanks, Mum!). I got some wonderful gifts this morning, there seems to be a pattern though, anyone would think I had some kind of cycling/endurance thing going on. I'm not sure how people got that idea.

Presents! For me! (I've wanted a set of those ball-end hex wrenches for years)

Thanks Mum, Dad, In-laws, and Mrs for great presses!

In some unusual non-Ironman news, I also got a crazy shapes game from my Mum that came from the Science Museum. I enjoyed it so much (and was proud of smashing the time estimations - maybe it's for kids?) that I thought I'd share it - so this is "Tantrix Discovery" (odd name...) it seems like there are all sorts of games along similar lines.

This is how it works:

The game 

The challenge

The reverse of the pieces (so you know which ones to use)

And here are the solutions:

Just noticed the web page says "From age 6", am now no longer quite so smug about smashing the challenge times :)

In Ironman news, Mrs and I are off to Bolton tomorrow for the tri-life IM UK familiarisation day - 60 miles on the bike, and a few miles run, plus Q&A, etc. Looking forward to it, weather says 10C though - I'll take a jumper...

Now I own a torque wrench I'm a real man (I already had an angle grinder).


  1. Happy Birthday (albeit belatedly). To combine your two interests, may I recommend the tri-me app? No real triathlon connection, though I did find out about it through a designer tri-suit website.

    1. Ah yes, that does look related - may give it a go. Seems like my interests are "anything with tri in the name" - As a young pup I used to enjoy Triominos immensely.