Saturday 16 June 2012

Ironman UK 70.3, Day three, Racking and briefing

Taking it easy is the order of the day today. We went for a very light 15 minute run before breakfast just to get the legs turning over (not that they forget, but it's a good idea), and then crashed out for the morning with magazines and TV.

Light lunch at mid-day and then the bikes went into the car and we headed off to Wimbleball Lake to rack them up and drop off our bags.

We hooked up with long time friend Chris, and also said hi to Chris Tyrrell who we got to know whilst volunteering at Wales Ironman last year. He runs transition at the UK Ironman events and what looks like a tough but fun job coordinating all the volunteers.

Some of Chris' pixies (lime green t-shirts) checking athletes in

The site was getting very muddy (time to add wellies to the Big List of Stuff) but I managed to keep most of it off my bike. Having such a low number makes it dead easy to find our bikes - right on the back row, right in the middle. Similarly, our red and blue bags are easy to find, right not he side, top row, smack bang in the middle. That should help take some of the stress out of tomorrow.

Bikes ready to go for me and Mrs

Some serious bike-porn around here *dribble*

Blue bags 

Red bags

The Ultimate Challengers (or Ultimate Athletes as we seem to be called now - I have to say that moniker makes me feel somewhat fraudulent!) got a mention at the compulsory race briefing and a round of applause from the assembled masses. I could see Kate and Charlie Stannett in the room, but couldn't spot any of the others. They're definitely around here somewhere...

Packed room for the briefing

Ready to get going (Kate Stannett turning around in the yellow jacket) 

We left our bikes to get rained on outside while we went back to the pub for an early evening meal and relaxing night. The weather forecast is for a more relaxed day tomorrow, brighter, milder, and most importantly less windy and rainy.

Better weather during the race period (we hope)

All the fun starts bright and early tomorrow - up at 4am and out by 5, ready to get started at 7. I'm very very excited and really looking forward to getting underway. It will be a fantastic feeling to say we're "one down with three to go", and to finally get my mitts onto of those Ironman finishers medals.

Oh, and it looks like I won't get my opportunity to take on 2010 Ironman World Champion Chris "Macca" McCormack, as he tweeted this earlier:

No Macca at IM 70.3 UK

Next update will be post-race! #excited

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