Sunday 26 October 2014


I'm really enjoying running right now.

I'm excited about the Endurance Life Dorset half marathon coming up in December, part of the Coastal Trail Series. I'm strongly resisting the urge to bump it up to the full marathon, I've never run a CTS event before, apparently they are hard. Very hard. If I learned anything from my Ripon DNF it's that hills are hard! This seems to have a rating of "5: Extreme" (and it only goes up to 5 - eeeep...) - sounds like it's due some respect.

I note there are many more events in that series that it's not too late to enter, but let's see how this one goes first...

I've entered the Rotterdam Marathon again, I really enjoyed the accomplishment of breaking 4 hours this year (even if it was by only 41 seconds!).

Those little red arrows are very distinctive

I'm currently on holiday in Newquay and taking in a few runs on the South West Coastal Path - looks like Endurance Life have been here already...

Oh, and if you're ever in this part of the world make sure you go down to Lanhydrock parkrun, it's a beautiful course, challenging (2.5km down, followed by 2.5km up again), and has a lovely little cafe for post-run refuelling.

If you're here, you should run this: Lanhydrock parkrun

Meanwhile I'm trying to get a run in every day - nothing heroic, just getting into the habit. The 18-week plan in Advanced Marathoning (is "Marathoning" a word?) holds at 5 runs per week (same book I used last year, but this time I'm prepared enough to hit the full 18-week plan, not the 12-week emergency panic-plan), so I have to build up a little even to start.

Running down the coast is lovely and very lumpy, quite a change from down the A24...

Other than that, it's feet up for a week! Perfect :)

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