Sunday 2 March 2014

Off to Spain to find out how fit I'm not

Training has taken a setback over the last fortnight as a combination of Real Life and an annoying cold (first time ill since going #LCHF 16 months ago). It’s better to be well than forcing yourself to run weak or ill, so I dropped the volume and recovered.

Good news - I’m now recovered! And not a second too soon - because I’m currently sat in the foyer of the Sofitel in Gatwick Airport North. Tomorrow morning at some ungodly hour Mrs and me are checking in for a flight to Murcia, Spain, to spend a week swimming, cycling, and running with the The TriLife (@TheTriLife on Twitter) crew on spring triathlon camp.

There’s a small issue in that I haven’t been in a swimming pool or on my bike for about three months (no exaggeration). I’ve been good at following my run training plan (courtesy of Pfitzinger and Douglas), and I’ve been hitting the gym twice per week (thank you Athletic Edge), every week, for a few months. I should be fairly strong, I’m quite resilient (from running), but I’m not cycle or swim fit. I’m looking forward to finding out if “you never forget how to ride a bike” is actually true…

But then, that’s the point of Spring tri-camps; to get you back into your training and remind you how much fun it can be. There seems to be some free time (which is good, this is holiday after all) and there are options to choose depending on how you feel and what your objectives are.

The tri-life guys we first met at the Ironman UK 70.3 Wimbleball training camp in 2012. Mrs has them as a coach, and we’ve bumped into each other at various races and events over the last year or two. The camp seems to be small and relatively relaxed. Mrs went last year and really enjoyed it, I’m really happy that we can share it this year.

Looking forward to remembering the joy of cycling, plus a week off work in the Spanish sun - perfect! Y viva Espagñe!

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