Sunday 25 December 2011


I'm usually strong like ox, but lately seem to have really suffered from several bouts of illness - tooth problems, a few colds, and a weekend of norovirus that I'd really rather forget. I've hardly had any exercise for the last two weeks.

Today is Christmas Day (Merry Christmas!) and I decided to blow away the cobwebs with a short drive over to Bushy Park, and a Christmas Day parkrun. 630 other people turned out for the free 5km run, smashing all previous Christmas Day records.

A gentle trot round was planned (last time I ran was 13 days ago), and I kept to it. Cruised round in a little over 26 minutes - and I feel bloody fantastic now. I feel like I've been ill forever, and only today have come out the other side. There's another parkrun special on tomorrow, I'll be going down to Basingstoke for that one, and then I intend to use the rest of the Christmas holidays to do a long bike ride or two, and some gym sessions. Getting back into the swing of things to start 2012 in a positive and productive place.

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